No Inventory

Nearly 30% of all clothing and soft goods each year are never sold (yikes), and the only way to be truly sustainable is to operate with zero inventory. Every garment we sell is made for you, on demand, only after it's been purchased. Because saving the planet is cool (and important).

Transparent & Sustainable Processes

Every garment we make is digitally printed on sustainable fabric, using 30% less ink, less water, and wastes less material than traditional processes. Garment manufacturing is responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution. We do not contribute to the 24.56 trillion gallons of water used for textile dyeing each year.

100% of the chemicals we use in our printing processes are BlueSign-certified, and 100% of our inks are GOTS and ZDHC certified. We only use natural materials, and all but one of our materials is at least 93% biodegradable. Our goal is to use only 100% biodegradable material by the end of 2023 Using the unique ONE codes in each garment, we can tell you how much ink and material the garment required, as well as the name of the team member who sewed them. We are on track to trace all key usage metrics, including water, to the ONE level by the end of 2023.

State of the Art Production

Resonance, our partner, operates out of its factory in the Dominican Republic, where 100% of our raw materials are processed, and every garment is digitally printed, laser cut, and sewn. Through state of the art technology, we can print on fabric in the exact shape of the pattern piece and completely fill our fabric rolls with customer’s products, eliminating waste from unused rolls or pre-printed, pre-dyed fabric.  

Every product we make is shipped directly from the factory to the customer’s doorstep. We have significantly reduced our carbon footprint compared to retailers who use warehouses or transport garments multiple times.

Social Responsibility

The people who help produce your garments are paid living wages, operate in safe working conditions and have opportunities for career advancement. 100% of factory employees, including operators, are paid above the Industrial Sector living wage for the Zona Franca (Free Zone in the DR). Over time, we will make more of the clothing you buy closer to you, creating job opportunities that pay a living wage in your community (and ours!).



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